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SYM Jet14 – Inner City Superstar

A sure-fire way of knowing that the dreaded and deadly Covid Pandemic is largely a thing of the past is by venturing out into the city. Traffic volumes are absolutely hectic, exacerbated as it often is, by regular ‘load-shedding’. Negotiating the urban sprawl is a totally unpleasant and frustrating experience. But does it have to […]

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SYM’s Solution to Fuel Hikes!

“May you live in interesting times” (Ancient Chinese curse). We are indeed living in “interesting times”. Coming out of a Covid ravaged economy we are facing escalating prices which are playing havoc with family financial resources. At the core of these soaring prices is a fuel price which has absolutely blown out in recent times. […]

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What is your ‘go to’ bike?

A couple of weeks ago we endured a really rainy weekend. The rain started bucketing down on Friday and continued unabated until everything was flooding. The Centurion Golf Estate turned into a watercourse as the tiny stream that flows through it came down in flood. I had an appointment to see a client at Cresta […]

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First Ride: The New SYM NHX 125

Small capacity motorcycles are usually either affordable or good looking, but seldom both. That’s where the Taiwanese manufacturer SYM comes in. We’ve been massively impressed with their balance of cost and style so far, and the new SYM NHX 125 roadster looks to continue that trend. The NHX 125 shares the same bones as its […]

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SYM T1 WOLF – Inner City Slicker

SYM’s smaller Wolf is almost identical to its 250 cc big brother. Styling is heavily reminiscent of Honda’s CB1000 R, even down to a look-alike rear wheel design. Seat design is stepped, with a tidy tailpiece and grab handle with a distinctly SV Suzuki look. Toss in a tidy rear-wheel hugger and belly pan and […]

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Adventure Further: SYM NHT 200 Review

More and more manufacturers are jumping on the small capacity adventure motorcycle bandwagon, in a bid to get new riders into their adventure boots right from the start. We swung a leg over the SYM NHT 125 earlier this year, and soon discovered that it was built for beginners who want a taste of the […]

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SYM – an international success story

In 1954 the Sanyang Electrics company was formed in Taiwan to manufacture dynamo-electric lights for bicycles. In 1962 the newly formed Sanyang Industry Co. Ltd became the first motorcycle manufacturing company in Taiwan after entering into a technical cooperation agreement with Honda. This relationship ended in 2002 when Sanyang Motor Co, as it is known […]

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Adventure Sooner: SYM NHT 125 Review

We all have a hidden adventurer inside of us, and it just takes a few good stories from a few wise souls to light that fire. But maybe the odds of owning an adventure bike are against you. It could be a tight budget, or the fact that you’ve just turned sixteen and can’t ride […]

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The Journey…

Here is an incredible story as told by Brendon Fourie… I had flown many times from Cape Town to Durban. Coming down to Cape Town was one of the best decisions of my life, a city which had given me so much in my formative years. It was always good to go home though, and […]

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BOTSWANA SYMmetry – Two SYM’s, two Daves’, 1900 K’s and plenty of Ellies

Nothing elicits a feeling of longing and nostalgia in me more than watching a YouTube clip of bikes and buds on a road trip through an arid landscape. I literally feel the heat, smell the dust, revel in the amber glow of the sunset and live for the African aroma of a “hardekool” fire. You […]

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Scooter licenses made easy, the SYM way.

Our training partner Synergy Racing Academy explains what are the steps needed to get your scooter license. Here is what he had to say: “Motorcycle licenses are categorized between ‘A’ and ‘A1’, ‘A’ being the license for bikes larger than 125 cc, and A1 for bikes 125cc and lower. We need to mention this as these days […]

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Designed to get the best out of city traffic, the Jet 14 is a high-wheeled scooter that stands out for its aggressive yet elegant design. It is ideal for those looking for practical, every day transport, and who want to stand out from the crowd. Just like its SYM siblings, it always seemed to be […]

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Sym Symphony 150

Safety and comfort are the hallmarks of this brilliant little scooter. Light weight combined with a punchy 151 cc, single-cylinder engine gives lively performance, perfect for beating the urban traffic away from the lights and staying ahead. 16-inch cast alloy wheels front and back give unparalleled stability and security on any road surface and a […]

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