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August 20, 2018

Scooter licenses made easy, the SYM way.

Our training partner Synergy Racing Academy explains what are the steps needed to get your scooter license. Here is what he had to say:

“Motorcycle licenses are categorized between ‘A’ and ‘A1’, ‘A’ being the license for bikes larger than 125 cc, and A1 for bikes 125cc and lower. We need to mention this as these days there are scooters that are way above 125cc and indeed, one of the two SYM scooters you will be seeing in the video is a 200cc scooter (‘A’ license required).

So, where do we start on our license journey?

First step is to obtain a learners license, and for this you need to personally make a booking at a license department, and pass the electronic test. You will also need the following: 2x ID photos, your ID Number and proof of residence.

The total cost of a learners license is as followed:

>> Cost = R168

Once you have obtained your learners license, you have a period of two years to complete your K53 practical license test. Failing that the learners will lapse and you will need to do the test again. So, once you have made your test booking at a local test centre for your K53 test, join us for a training session so you can pass your license with ease.

The K53 practical training that we offer is a 2 hour course, where we do a technical as well as a practical training session. Technical sessions include track discussions as well as all you need to do on the day of the test.

The practical training is active training on a track where we go through every part of the actual test, and we run a mock test with you.

The cost of our K53 practical training courses are as followed:

>> Group participation  = R 605
>> One on one training = R 955

The cost of booking your K53 practical test and issuing your license is as followed:

>> Cost = R 420

You will also need the following: Learners license, 2x ID.

One thing I need to mention is that the license for a scooter will add a limitation on your license. You will not be allowed to ride geared bikes since you have passed your test on an automatic – basically the same limitation as you get with a car license.

I hope this provided some insight into obtaining your scooter license. Should you need further information please et in touch.” Said Phil.

Synergy Racing Academy

Tel: 084 443 8053

Videography by: (Grant Lucas & Bjorn Moreira / ZA Bikers).

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