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June 14, 2022

SYM’s Solution to Fuel Hikes!

“May you live in interesting times”

(Ancient Chinese curse).

We are indeed living in “interesting times”. Coming out of a Covid ravaged economy we are facing escalating prices which are playing havoc with family financial resources. At the core of these soaring prices is a fuel price which has absolutely blown out in recent times. The reasons are plentiful, the Russia/Ukraine conflict, taxes euphemistically called “fuel levies” and heaven knows what else. Add to that the stress of returning to offices in a post-Covid environment. It seems as if the urban snarl is worse than ever. The fact is the urban commuter is under duress never experienced before. So do we just grimace and take the hit and carry on as best we can, or is there a viable, and dare I say fun, alternative?

When will we wise up and learn from folks in Europe who already had to contend with these issues years ago? We should be ‘Scooting’ around our cities. Realistically e-bikes are not yet viable. Slow, limited range, and prohibitively expensive, they also exist under the spectre of unreliable power delivery.

With these challenges in mind, at SYM South Africa, we believe that ‘Scooters’ (such as our Jet 14) are fit for purpose & right for the dynamic world we’re living in today—a means to sustainability.

The SYM Jet 14 is inexpensive, runs on the sniff of an oil rag, and is perfectly suited to traversing the greater urban sprawl of the typical South African city. 14-inch wheels and decent suspension deal with ruts, bumps, and manhole covers, whilst the fuel-efficient peppy engine keeps you ahead of city traffic.

Twist and go riding ease makes the Jet 14 accessible to just about anyone, with excellent weather protection and storage space under the seat for all your odds and ends. The saving realised at the pumps will literally pay for the SYM and save you money over your current commuting spend.

In our frenetic world, time is at a premium. You will literally save hours a week, which are currently spent stuck in traffic jams. Not to mention the frustration and stress that this creates. The Jet 14, is not just another scooter.

It’s your Urban Mobility weapon of choice. Be wise, Scooterise!


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A brand that is fit for purpose & right for the dynamic world we’re living in today. A means to sustainability. SYM …RIDE FOR THE TIMES!