Think Scooter – Think SYM

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Are you looking for an affordable transport solution?

You may be forgiven for thinking your options are limited. Our public transport system does not quite cover the entire grid, neither does it offer the freedom to go anywhere, anytime. Motor vehicles are expensive to fuel and maintain, and they also do little to relieve the frustrations of traffic congestion.But don’t despair – there is another option: get yourself a scooter. Not just any scooter, A SYM scooter!

It is no secret that scooters make excellent commuters. Not only are they very fuel efficient but they also have an incredible talent for carving their way through traffic. As a result we have seen the scooter market boom over the last couple of years, because scooters are probably the most practical way to travel.

Scooters play a very important role in the commuter market. In our current tough economic times consumers are always looking for ways to save money. A SYM scooter is definitely a great option and an educated purchase decision will insure that new riders can travel with peace of mind. SYM Scooters are appropriate for all suitable ages, provided the necessary license requirements are in place – the days of them being ridden exclusively by 16-year-old school girls are long gone. Scooters are the answer to your commuting woes and yes they are reliable, provided you buy right!

SYM scooter sales are thriving and it should come as no surprise. SYM is a trusted brand that has set the benchmark for quality, performance and overall riding comfort.

In South Africa, KMSA are the official importers and distributors for SYM Motorcycles and Scooters. They have been around since 1975 and are also the official importers for Kawasaki Motorcycles. Associated Motor Holdings, a subsidiary of the Imperial Group, is KMSA’s major shareholder, with the balance of ownership held by KMSA’s MD.

The SYM dealer network has 44 outlets countrywide, most of which also sell other major brands. As a result you will find professional service centres with qualified staff. Dealers are passionate about the brand and pride themselves on excellent after sales service with full parts back-up if anything is needed.

The SYM range of scooters and motorcycles are cost-effective to run and are vibey, with modern styling and comfort – from the entry level 125cc to range topping 600cc.

Buy with confidence and peace of mind – SYM scooters are covered by a 2 year warranty period (T’s & C’s apply)

Contact your nearest SYM dealership today and join the many happy clients that have already seen the benefits of owning a SYM Scooter: