NHX  125

R29 995

Available colours: White or Blue.

  1. General Details

    SYM NHX  125 is designed for an urban commuter who is full of street-fighter spirit.
    The lower riding posture and the muscular look gives you a more aggressive stance when conquering the urban sprawl.
    To achieve outstanding handling, the SYM NHX  125 features a perimeter frame, centred-suspension and front & rear brake disc with CBS.

    Full-LED lighting, 2A USB charger and LCD meter on SYM NHX  125 make it into a premium street bike.
    With 50/50 weight distribution, SYM NHX  125 is steering in more agile and quick-responsive performance.
    SYM NHX  125 also features a new lightweight aluminium rim that has better stiffness, and the equipped tyres make for good performance on road-gripping-ability.

    Let’s turn every ride into an exciting journey with the SYM NHX  125.

    *Price subject to change without notice, colours subject to availability, the models may differ from those in the pictures.

    *SYM Factory offers a standard warranty per model and vehicle category. Any and all other warranties that differ from the official Factory Warranty, are offered at dealership level, as per the terms and conditions of the dealership concerned.

  2. Specifications
    Overall Length 2040 mm
    Overall Width 745 mm
    Overall Height 1080 mm
    Wheel Base 1400 mm
    Weight Distribution (curb weight)  front 68 kg
                                                                   rear 75 kg
                                                                   total 143 kg
    Weight Distribution (max allow weight)  front 101 kg
                                                                            rear 192 kg
                                                                            total 293 kg
    Type 4-stroke engine
    Cylinder Arrangement single cylinder
    Bore × Stroke φ56.5 ×49.5 mm
    Displacement 124.1 cm3
    Compression Ratio 10.1±0.2:1
    software identification No. M4L
    Calibration verfication No. 4E444300
    Valve Train O.H.C.
    Tensioner auto-tensioner
    Maximum Horsepower 7.5 kw
    8500 rpm
    Maximum Torque 9.5 Nm
    6500 rpm
    Lubrication System forced circulation & splashing
    Fuel Required unlead gasoline
    Exhaust Emission – Level Euro 4
                                       CO <1.14 g/km
                                       HC < 0.38 g/km
                                       Nox < 0.07 g/km
    Noise Emission <74 dB
    Fuel consumption 2.3 l/100km
    CO2 emission 52 g/km
    Reference and/or setting ranges Inlet :0.05 mm
    Exhaust:0.15 mm
    Engine Oil Capacity First 1000 ml
    Change 850 ml
    Maximun Speed 99 km/h
    Maximum hill-starting ability 53.1 %slope
    Type diamond
    Material steel
    Suspension Type front telescope fork
                                   rear single swing
    Suspension Travel front 120 mm
                                      rear 35.5 mm
    Rim Material front aluminum
                             rear aluminum
    Rim Size front 2.5-17
                    rear 3.5-17
    Tire Type front tubeless
                      rear tubeless
    Tire Size front 110/70-17
                      rear 130/70-17
    Brake System CBS
    Brake Type front disk, non-asbestos pad
                         rear disk, non-asbestos pad
    Brake Diameter front φ260 mm
                                 rear φ222 mm
    Brake Swept Arc front 18.30×2 cm2
                                   rear 14.70×2 cm2
    Fuel Capacity 11 L
    Clutch wet multi-plate
    Transmission gear
    Primary Reduction 3.333
    Gear Ratio                                                                    I 2.769
    2 1.882
    3 1.273
    4 1.13
    5 0.96
    Final Reduction 3.267
    Ignition System Transistorized coil ignition
    Starting System electrical starter
    Alternator 154 W
    Battery Capacity 12V/6Ah,around 2.6 kg
    Speedometer Scale 0 ~ 199 (digit) km/h
    Horn 87~112 dB
    Fuse 15A×3 and 20A×1
    Spark Plug DPR8EA-9
    Headlight deep/main beam 12V 14W(1 LED)/25W(1 LED
                       Position Lamps 12 V 1.5 W (6 LEDs) × 2
    Taillight Stoplight 13.5 V 5.5W (15 LEDs×) 1
                   Position Lamps 13.5 V 2.5W (15 LEDs×) 1
    Turn Signal Light front 13.5V 1.8W(3 LEDs) × 2
                                   rear 13.5V 1.8W(3 LEDs) × 2
    Reflex Reflector side 2
                                  rear 1
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