NHT 200

R35 995

Available colours: Red/White, Blue/White, Black/White and Soft Black (Camo)

  1. General Details

    The SYM NHT 200 is a collection of crossover adventure; designed for the urban explorer. The slightly upright riding posture offers you clear forward visibility. To achieve outstanding handling, the SYM NHT 200 features a perimeter frame, centred-suspension and both front & rear brake discs with CBS. Full-LED lighting, 2A USB charger and LCD meter on the SYM NHT 200 gives the bike a contemporary look.

    It also is equipped with a beak and visor; to emphasize the adventure look. The front 140mm travel suspension provides greater ability whilst crossing various terrains. The wire-spoke wheels help on absorbing shock from the road, which can make your riding journey more comfortable.

    *Price subject to change without notice, colours subject to availability, the models may differ from those in the pictures.

    *SYM Factory offers a standard warranty per model and vehicle category. Any and all other warranties that differ from the official Factory Warranty, are offered at dealership level, as per the terms and conditions of the dealership concerned.

  2. Specifications
    OverallLength (mm) 2068
    OverallWidth (mm) 860
    OverallHeight (mm) 1195
    WheelBase (mm) 1405
    WeightFront (kg) 72
    WeightRear (kg) 78
    SpecsWeight (kg) 150
    Transmission gear
    PrimaryReduction 3.333
    FinalReduction 3.267
    EngineType 4-stroke engine
    Cylinder single cylinder
    Displacement 183 cm3
    FuelSystem E.F.I.
    MaxHorsepower 13.5 kw/ 8500 rpm
    MaxTorque 15.7 Nm/ 7500 rpm
    ExhaustEmissionCo <1.14 g/km
    ExhaustEmissionHC < 0.38 g/km
    ExhaustEmissionNOx < 0.07 g/km
    Noise (dB) <74 dB
    Alternator 154 W
    BatteryVoltage 12V/6Ah
    HeadlightLamp LED
    FrontPositionLamp LED
    TaillightStoplightLamp LED
    FrontTurningSignalLight LED
    RearTurningSignalLight LED
    RearReflector 1
    SideReflector 2
    FrameType diamond
    FrameMaterial steel
    FrontSuspension telescope fork
    RearSuspension single swing
    FrontRim steel 2.5-19
    RearRim steel 3.5-17
    FrontTireType tubed
    FrontTireDimensions 100/90-19
    RearTireType tubed
    RearTireDimensions 130/80-17
    FrontBrakes disk, non-asbestos pad
    FrontBrakeDiameter (mm) φ288 mm
    RearBrakes disk, non-asbestos pad
    RearBrakeDiameter (mm) φ222 mm
    FuelCapacity (l) 11 L
    MaxSpeed 125 km/h
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