GTS 300i EVO

R63 995

Available colours: Grey or White

  1. General Details

    With the great success of GTS 250, SYM decide to develop a higher standard version. The major improvement is to tune up GTS 250 to GTS 300. Moreover, we rebuild its appearance from single head light to twin head light. That is not only for a powerful looks but also provides a higher security in the dark.

    Several outstanding feature of GTS EVO are presenting as below:

    1. Level up: GTS has been modified from 250 up to 300.
    2. Fashion looks: Large twin head light as phoenix eye lighting its unique style.
    3. Excellent handling: 1440 mm a long wheel base length, it offers high stability for high speed.
    4. Large storage: luggage box is able to put one helmet inside.
    5. Convenience: Various convenience designs such as pop up fuel cap, electronic seat open, coin box etc.

    *Price subject to change without notice, colours subject to availability, the models may differ from those in the pictures.

    *SYM Factory offers a standard warranty per model and vehicle category. Any and all other warranties that differ from the official Factory Warranty, are offered at dealership level, as per the terms and conditions of the dealership concerned.

  2. Specifications
    OverallLength (mm) 2165
    OverallHeight (mm) 1395
    WheelBase (mm) 1495
    WeightFront (kg) 79
    SpecsWeight (kg) 190
    PrimaryReduction belt, 2.3 ~ 0.80
    EngineType 4-stroke,4V,water cooled
    Displacement 263.7
    FuelControl O.H.C.
    MaxTorque 24.08Nm/5500rpm
    ExhaustEmissionCo < 2.0
    ExhaustEmissionHCNOx < 0.15
    Alternator 338 W / 5000 rpm
    HeadlightLamp 12 V 55W / 55W× 1
    TaillightStoplightLamp LED
    RearTurningSignalLight 12 V 21W× 2
    RearReflector 1
    FrameMaterial steel
    RearSuspension unit swing
    RearRim aluminum
    FrontTireDimensions 110 /90-13 56P
    RearTireDimensions 130 /70-13 57P
    FrontBrakeDiameter (mm) φ240
    RearBrakeDiameter (mm) φ220
    MaxSpeed 128
    ClimbingCapacity (deg) > 27
    OverallWidth (mm) 870
    SeatHeight 755
    GroundClearance (mm) 135
    WeightRear (kg) 111
    Transmission C.V.T., auto speed change
    FinalReduction gear, 7.42
    Cylinder single cylinder
    FuelSystem EFI(C.L.)
    MaxHorsepower 17.15Kw/7500rpm
    FuelType unlead gasoline
    ExhaustEmissionHC < 0.3
    Noise (dB) < 80
    BatteryVoltage 12 V 10Ah
    FrontPositionLamp LED
    FrontTurningSignalLight 12 V 21W× 2
    LicensePlateLamps 12 V 5W× 1
    FrameType pipe under bone
    FrontSuspension telescopic fork
    FrontRim aluminum
    FrontTireType tubeless
    RearTireType tubeless
    FrontBrakes disk
    RearBrakes disk
    FuelCapacity (l) 12
    FuelConsumption (km/l) > 40
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