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March 15, 2016

Video: SYM Scooter conquers Sani Pass!

Social SYM “ South Africa’s most famous scooter” and Brand ambassador for SYM Motorcycles and Scooters SA is at it once again. After showing off its amazing build quality by bungee jumping of Orlando Towers in Soweto, a new challenge was set and the scoot excelled as it conquered the Everest of motorcycling in SA to showcase its durability, reliability and all round capabilities.

News & Reviews
About Social SYM
“Social SYM” – South Africa’s most famous scooter!! An adventurous scoot that lives life to the full! He is not only a skilled and talented individual but also very brave!! Social SYM is proud to be a SYM Scooter and is always eager to share his experiences and travels through social media!!