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March 15, 2016

SYM Scooter conquers Sani Pass!

Social SYM “ South Africa’s most famous scooter” and Brand ambassador for SYM Motorcycles and Scooters SA is at it once again. After showing off its amazing build quality by bungee jumping off Orlando Towers in Soweto, a new challenge was set and the scoot excelled as it conquered the Everest of motorcycling in SA to showcase its durability, reliability and all round capabilities. Read more about it here..

Anyone who has followed the exploits of the most famous scooter in the land, may be excused for thinking he’s just a little party animal with an over developed sense of adventure. In a sense you would be right, but “Social SYM” showed a deeper side with one of his recent trips. He got wind of some tiny kids in need. With winter on the way he heard about some tots in an orphanage on Sani Top in Lesotho who are seriously short of winter woolies. “I’ll do it!” cried SYM.

“No way” cried the naysayers, “that means going up Sani Pass, the nemesis of many adventure bike and you, just a city commuter scooter”. But, as you know by now dear reader, under Social SYM’s svelte bodywork beats the heart of a lion! “I’ll do it!” he repeated.


So it was that early one bright and sunny Saturday, Social SYM, heavily laden with a 130 litre bag packed full with big down duvet and lots of kiddies woolies, arrived at the Old Trading Post at the foot of Sani pass. Ahead lay 13k’s of tortuous dirt climbing into the clouds.


With hindsight, what transpired was almost a non-event – well, certainly the Sani Pass bit. That aweSYM little scooter shot up that pass like a champagne cork out of a bottle. Twist and go, 1 in 6 inclines, were dispatched with ease. On the way up, he met up with a bunch of big adventure bikes and riders, sweating as they muscled their heavy bikes up the steep, loose and rocky switchbacks. Later, parked next to these bikes at Sani Top Chalets, the one rider retorted “Damn, I thought we were hardcore till I was passed up Sani by a Scooter”.


It is quite bizarre but as you crest the mountain on Sani Top you are greeted by the sight of a magnificent, smooth, tar road – all 2873 metres above sea level (that’s about one third the height of Everest!!). However, the mission was still not quite over, so off he went towards Pastor Siphiwes’ Sani Top church, where he delivered his goodies and as you might expect, they were much appreciated.

Elated by his achievement, the SYM scoot decided to climb Black Mountain to over 3200m. With his 125cc heart beating bravely, he soared up to where the eagles nest. There he posed on the roof of Africa, victorious!


Cruising back to the border post and then down the Sani Pass, Social SYM amazed all with his incredible performance. Engine, brakes and suspension coped fantastically well without the slightest hiccup. Social SYM you little beauty, you really are a legend!

SYM scooters are available from 44 dealers countrywide. They offer quality products with excellent after sales service and full parts back up.

SYM Scooters are imported by KMSA and are backed by the Imperial Group.

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“Social SYM” – South Africa’s most famous scooter!! An adventurous scoot that lives life to the full! He is not only a skilled and talented individual but also very brave!! Social SYM is proud to be a SYM Scooter and is always eager to share his experiences and travels through social media!!