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November 26, 2015

Social SYM Makes History!

SYM Motorcycles and Scooters, South Africa, have decided on a very much non-traditional approach when it comes to Brand Ambassadors. They are so impressed with their products, that they have given them centre stage, to show off their amazing durability, reliability and all round capabilities!

“Social SYM”, a SYM Crox 125cc Scooter, is the first in the comprehensive range of SYM scooters to make an appearance on social media and is already sporting a healthy following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, enjoying a documented life whereby all its talents, uses and benefits are displayed for the world to see, while gaining the recognition of “South Africa’s most famous scooter!!”


In a very unusual stunt that was recently held, “Social SYM” performed the World’s First Scooter Bungee Jump, becoming the first non-human to take a leap off the Orlando Towers in Soweto. Some might wonder why anyone would expose a scooter to a bungee jump. Well its simple really, throwing a scooter off the towers was one sure way of getting people’s attention, especially with video footage available that did not take long to go Viral.


As expected, the SYM scooter displayed awesome robust durability as it hurled towards the earth from the 100m high iconic landmarks. After being thrashed around mid-air at exceptional forces, the scoot was finally lowered to the ground. Impressively it started up without any hesitation and was ridden away with ease, a true testament to its superb build quality and renowned reliability.

It is fair to say that it is unlikely that a scooter will be subjected to this kind of strain out in the real world, but it is encouraging to know that SYM South Africa is prepared to show how good their products are, firmly standing by their slogan. Quality without compromise!!


In the next couple of months, more adventures and extreme activities will be planned for the various SYM scooters, ultimately showcasing all their qualities and capabilities!

News & Reviews
About Social SYM
“Social SYM” – South Africa’s most famous scooter!! An adventurous scoot that lives life to the full! He is not only a skilled and talented individual but also very brave!! Social SYM is proud to be a SYM Scooter and is always eager to share his experiences and travels through social media!!